Echoing Green's Work on Purpose program inspires and equips those in the first decade of their careers to realize their unique way to make a social impact—be it as a nonprofit or social business employee, an artist-activist, an effective board member, a high-impact volunteer, a social entrepreneur, or in any number of other potential roles. Through this program, Echoing Green leverages life and work lessons  from its social entrepreneurship Fellows to provide inspiration and frameworks to support a wide spectrum of young people seeking to make the world a better place in a way that is uniquely right for them.

Curriculum & Training

Used by colleges, universities, and nonprofits around the country, our curriculum and training certifies people to become Work on Purpose workshop facilitators. Learn more about how you and your colleagues can help people create lives and work with a positive social impact. Go»


We hosted the first interdisciplinary 360 degree review of purpose in the United States to explore whether growing attention to the benefits of purpose be coalesced into a field that improves not only individual lives, but society as a whole. Go»

The Book

The journey to finding meaningful work isn't always straight or clear. So how do you do it? Meet five young visionaries and see how they dug deep and made their way. Pick up your copy. Go»


From conferences to jobs to volunteer opportunities, we offer a growing list of resources for turning your purpose into action. Search our full resource list. Go»